Parametric design

Parametric Design for 3D printed pendant lights

Parametric Design ist eine spannende und innovative Möglichkeit, einzigartige und ästhetisch ansprechende Produkte und Projekte zu schaffen. So haben wir parametrisches Design eingesetzt, um atemberaubende 3D-gedruckte Pendelleuchten zu entwerfen, die wie von der Decke tropfende Flüssigkeiten aussehen.


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parametric design, 3d printed pendant light black with structures, fluid white background, photography
3d printed pendant light black with structures, fluid white background, photography
computational design

What is Parametric Design?

Parametric design is an approach that uses mathematical parameters and algorithms to control the shape, structure, and aesthetic design of products. By adjusting these parameters, we can create a wide range of shapes and designs that are often organic and unique. The result is a perfect symbiosis of art and technology.

3D printed pendant lights

Our 3D printed pendant lights are a great example of the application of parametric design. Inspired by falling water, we used algorithms and mathematical parameters to develop an organic and flowing shape. These pendant lights look as if they are gently hanging from the ceiling, adding a fascinating aesthetic to any space.

Parametric design gives us the ability to flexibly adjust the size, shape and texture of these lights to meet the individual needs and desires of our customers. Each luminaire is unique, as we can vary the parameters as needed.

The result is not only aesthetically stunning, but also functional and efficient, as the shaping and texture is tailored to the exact lighting requirements. Parametric design opens up a world of creativity and individuality, allowing us to create products that are not only beautiful, but also functional.

If you are looking for unique and customized design solutions, parametric design is a fascinating option that can exceed your expectations. Let's explore the possibilities of this exciting design method together and turn your visions into impressive reality.